your business and its digital journey

In today’s digital world , your website has as important a role to play. Having a website that is relevant in all aspects and is easy to find is critical to your business. Getting your website right and understanding what type of site and level of functionality suits is important from the outset of your business and digital journey.

Staying up to date

Your website will need updating regularly at the content level, and also at the design level. As web functionality and design trends are swift moving, if your website is three years old, its time you had a refresh, especially to ensure mobile device compatibility. There are a few fundamentals to implement to your website, whether it’s building a brand new site, or reigning your existing site, let’s look at what you need to consider.

find your message quickly and easily

Even if you have a web presence purposed for information, you want to be sure that the people who you need to communicate with find you and your message quickly and easily. Getting found is the first step to engaging with your customers. A great amount of your customers will be doing their searching on a mobile device, so your website needs to be mobile responsive.

Optimise for google

Many future customers won’t know your company name, but will be looking for your product or service in a region or location that is meant for them. Make sure that your business shows up when typed into Google. At CROME-Digital we cover off on all your SEO needs by making sure sites get up to speed on SEO.

Using call to actions

When your customer has access to your site, there needs to be a call-to-action to interest them to do something such as a purchase, a booking, an enquiry, a sign up or even to engage with you on social media channels. Customers should do all these things simply and easily on your website, in order to capture them at the moment they decide to act. This is called conversion, and ensuring that your website not only is compelling in content, enabling seamless user experience once you have given your customer the call to action is essential.

regarding Usability

Your website doesn’t just have to look good, it has to function to the users’ interactions. Both the design and development process are focused around the prospective user, to make sure their goals, and requirements are met.

Design and features add significantly to the user experience. This is not just a fundamental to have, it is essential to make your site accessible to everyone, and Google will send your rankings to page a billion until you comply.

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