Use the right words to form relationships with your audience and win with SEO!

Find Ideas & Use What’s Already Working

In order to build relationships we have to market our content correctly and effectively. When
your website builds authority, your business can and will receive a valuable return in selling
goods and services.

The Benefits Of SEO

Use Ubersuggest to find keywords. This is an SEO tool that helps you search for
keywords to rank for.

Select keywords that can work on all the important pages on your website.

Lastly, choose a topic that you would like to rank for on Google.

We are able to build your domain authority by:

1. Logging into the Ubersuggest program and inserting your domain name

2. Accessing all keywords on your website. This allows us to view your current impression and what you already ranking for.

3. We are also able to analyse where you rank on Google search and most importantly keywords that rank in the top 5. This information gives you a good idea on your site’s position to rank on Google.
This important information is shown to us under “view more” found under “keyword overview”,
which gives access to top pages to look through.

Using keywords with great volume and low competition

The ideal thing to do in order to reach your goals in SEO is to use keywords that currently have
a high search volume on Google. Ubersuggest is the easiest way to access this data.

Once these keywords are saved and placed into your content, your site will be able to receive the desired amount of visitors.

This is one step closer to achieving domain authority.

Using keywords with great volume and low competition

  1. Make your content engaging by designing material that is easy to navigate through.
  2. Clear hierarchy is key
  3. Consider which colours would better suit your brand and what theme would grab the attention of website visitors

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